commodes Hartford CTBedside Commodes in West Hartford, CT

There are a variety of different styles of Bedside Commodes. Selection of the appropriate model depends on the physical limitations of the user and where it will be used. Most models fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Basic Models with fixed arms
  2. Drop-Arm Models or those with removable arms
  3. Over-Toilet Models
  4. Concealed Models

There are also other special models for individuals with special needs.

All four of the above categories provide toilet facilities at the bed side for individuals who have difficulty getting to the bathroom safely.

For ALL models, it is important that the user understands the necessity for exerting force only straight down in a vertical direction when getting up and down or transferring to and from the seat. Any significant force in a horizontal direction is likely to cause the commode to slide on the floor or even to tip over. Bedside Commodes are relatively lightweight and are not anchored to the floor like the conventional bathroom toilet.

Basic Commodes

These models answer the needs of that large group of users who can walk but cannot contend with a flight of stairs or the distance involved to get to the bathroom. To use these models, it is necessary for the user to be able to stand, pivot and sit down safely.

All good quality basic Bedside Commodes have provisions for adjusting the seat height to the most functional level for the user. Increased seat heights generally offer greater independence and safety when sitting down and rising from the seat. This adjustment is accomplished by press­ing the spring-tension buttons on each leg and telescoping the leg in or out to the desired length. Care should be exercised to see that the spring-tension buttons pop back out and lock securely into the selected hole. For individuals who have difficulty bending at the hip, the two back legs of the commode can be set higher than the two front legs to provide a sloping seat.

Drop-Arm Commodes

These models provide for the needs of non-ambulatory users by permitting lateral or sliding trans­fers to and from bed, chair or wheelchair. The arm on either side can easily be dropped down out of the way by activating the release mechanism. Other versions of this style commode with swing-away or removable arms are also available and provide similarly for lateral transfers. Seat height adjustment on the Drop Arm Commode is accomplished in the same manner as on the basic model bedside commode. The seat height should be set to the same level as the bed, chair or wheelchair from which the user will transfer.

Over-Toilet Commodes

These models are sometimes referred to as Backless Commodes or Three-way Commodes. They are available in either Basic or Drop-Arm versions and provide toilet facilities at bed side just as the two previous models. The unique feature of the Over-Toilet Model is that it can also be positioned over the regular bathroom toilet to provide adjustable seat height as well as assistance in getting up and down. Some users find it convenient to have the unit in the bathroom during the day but at the bed side at night.

To change from the Bedside to the Over-Toilet Configuration, it is necessary to simply remove the container and replace it with the splash guard that is furnished with this model. Both the cover and seat of the regular bathroom toilet should be raised to the upright position before putting the Over-Toilet unit in position. Seat height adjustment for these models is accomplished exactly the same as for the Basic and Drop-Arm Commodes.

Concealed Commodes

These models are also known as Residential Commodes and Furniture Commodes. These mod­els function as a commode but do not look like one. The adjustable height feature is sacrificed in exchange for the more attractive appearance. The seat height is still somewhat higher than the usual bathroom toilet, and these models are functional for the less severely involved individual. Drop-arm versions are not available in this model.

The Concealed Commode also serves as a comfortable chair when not being used as a commode. The chair seat is simply removed and the commode container put into place when the commode is needed.


If you purchased the commode, the warranty is for 6 months.   Commodes are not usually rented.