Bath and Shower Seats

bath and shower bench Hartford CTBath and Shower Seats: Patient Guidelines


The only difference between a tub chair and a shower chair is the height of the seating surface. Generally a shower chair is higher than a tub chair because tub chairs are designed to be adjusted to the height of the tub wall. Tub chairs can be adjusted even lower, but the patient runs the risk of having difficulty getting into and out of the tub. Some chairs come with backs at an added expense.


Standard bath and shower seats are installed by simply placing the chair in the desired position in either the tub or shower.


All seats will have slip resistant footing, but these footings are not slip proof. To help insure against slipping clean the new footings with alcohol to remove any grease and periodically repeat this procedure. Make sure the bath or shower floor is clean and free of soap film. These chairs are light weight and are not anchored to the tub or shower in any way, so make sure to exert force only straight down in a vertical direction when sitting or raising yourself from the chair.


If you purchased the bench, the warranty is for 6 months.   Bath and Shower Seats are not usually rented.