buy a walker ConnecticutA walker transfers some of the normal functions of the legs and feet to the arms and hands thereby helping a compromised individual remain mobile. The most important of these functions are weight bearing, balance, and stability. Our representative will adjust the walker properly for your height. If someone picked up the walker for you adjust the height in the following way: Stand (have someone aid you if necessary) with your shoulders squared and your arms hanging naturally while looking straight ahead. A friend or family member should adjust the height of all four walker legs such that the height of the hand grips are slightly above your wrists. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS BY YOURSELF. Make sure all legs are locked securely in the selected position.

Instructions for use:

If you have received instructions from your physician or therapist follow their instructions carefully. Always have an attendant present who can provide assistance if this is the first time you have used the walker.  Place the back legs of the walker 6-8 inches in front of your toes. Take a short step until your legs are about even with the legs of the walker. DO NOT step all the way into the front of the walker frame as this may cause a loss of balance or tendency to fall forward. Always take short steps. If your walker folds, make sure you are familiar with the process of folding and unfolding the walker. Make sure the walker is locked open before using. Inspect the rubber tips of the legs and the handgrips regularly (at least every 2 weeks).  Replace immediately if worn or loose.

If you have use of only one arm and hand, a Hemi-Walker may have been ordered. This walker has a center handle that may be set for right or left handed use if you have wheel attachments on your walker.   EXTREME CAUTION MUST BE EXERCISED to ensure the walker does not roll away from you causing a fall and/or injury.

Crutch attachments are sometimes ordered for individuals with impaired use of hands or forearms. They can be installed on either or both sides


Wash with mild detergent.


Purchased walkers have a one year warranty or as long as the manufacturer’s warranty lasts, which ever is longer.