Wall Grab Bars

wall grab barsWall Grab Bars

Wall grab bars are available in a variety of lengths, usually ranging from 12 to 32 inches. When placed properly they can greatly assist compromised patients in lowering and raising themselves from the toilet and in getting into and out of a tub. A quality grab bar, such as those purchased from Advanced Home Medical Supplies, can usually be installed through bath room tile and dry wall or into a stud. Obviously it would be better to anchor the grab bar in a stud.

Before attempting to drill a hole through bathroom tile be sure and use a sharp punch to break through the glaze on the tile. When the grab bar is to be anchored into dry wall use a 9/16 inch masonry bit to drill your holes making sure you drill a hole large enough to accommodate a 1/4 inch toggle bolt. Make sure any hole you drill will be covered by the flanges of the grab bar. If vou are lucky enough to be able to anchor into a stud, use a 1/8 inch standard bit to drill into the stud once you have drilled through the tile with a 1/4 inch masonry bit.  An electronic stud finder will be very helpful to determine if you will drill into a stud.   If you do not have an electronic finder use the 1/4 inch masonry bit to begin with, and if you go into a stud instead of dry wall,  re-drill with the 9/16 inch masonry bit.

Note: Advanced Home Medical Supplies assumes no responsibility for installation of this bar. The directions above are intended to provide information to someone who feels comfortable doing self installation projects. If you do not feel comfortable hire someone you trust to do the installation for you.  Advanced Home Medical Supplies will assume no responsibility for incorrect installation or for damage that occurs during any installation.


Safety bars are purchase-only items and the warranty is 6 months from the time of sale.