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What are Crutches Used For?

Crutches are used for support while walking.

How Do I Use the Crutches?

Wearing shoes, stand straight with shoulders relaxed and arms hanging loosely.
Next, adjust the handles:Adjust the length of the crutches so that the crutch top is approximately 2” below the underarm.

1. Stand with crutches placed 6” in front of and 6” to the side of your feet


2. Adjust handle until your elbow is bent approximately 20° to 30º. After adjusting, ensure that the spring buttons are fully engaged and screws are tightened.

3. Adjust the other crutch length and handle, and ensure that spring buttons are fully engaged in the adjustment holes.


Carry your full weight on your hands, not your underarm. Keep your wrists straight when using crutches. Bring the crutches forward together, 6 inches to 12 inches, keeping your injured leg off of the ground.

Supporting your weight with your hands (not your armpits),  carefully swing your good leg forward, placing this foot just in front of the crutches. Keep your head and posture upright to maintain balance.

Walking Up Stairs

Use a handrail if available. Carry the crutch closest to the handrail in the other hand. Hold the handrail with the free hand.

Step up with the stronger leg first, followed by crutches and the injured leg.

Walking Down Stairs

Place crutches down on stair first, followed by injured leg, then the stronger leg.

Sitting Down

Back up to the chair (or whatever you are sitting on) until you feel the back of your legs touch the chair.

Hold both crutches by the handgrips in the hand on the injured side.

Hold onto the chair with the other hand and lower yourself slowly, bending at the hips.

Unless authorized by your health professional, keep your injured leg off the ground, and your weight on the good leg.

Standing Up

Make sure that the chair is secure. If using a wheelchair, ensure that the brakes are on.

Move forward until seated at the edge of the chair. Place the stronger foot on the floor.

Hold the crutches by the handgrips in the hand on the injured side.

Push up from the chair with the stronger leg, keeping the head well forward.

When upright, place a crutch under each arm.

How Do I Care for the Crutches?

Clean the hand grips with a mild soap, detergent or household cleaner. Do not use solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner, or turpentine.

Periodically check the rubber tips for rips, tears, cracks or worn tread. Replace as necessary.

These instructions are guidelines only. Use only as instructed by your healthcare provider.