Our Services

We deliver what you need, when you need it. It’s all about convenience. From simple home medical supply deliveries to helping you select and then install a state-of-the-art stair lift, you can call on us for help. We offer superb levels of product knowledge and professionalism.

Home Medical Supplies Delivered to You, Hassle-Free

We know you’d rather spend your time on staying well and active, not on those mountains of paperwork that can build up! That’s why we do all of the paperwork for you associated with Medicare and Medicaid billing, as well as most major medical insurance companies (Blue Cross, Anthem, AARP, Cigna, ConnectiCare, United Healthcare and many others). We also handle the paperwork associated with workman’s compensation claims.

Sales and Rentals of Medical Equipment

Whether you’re looking to purchase your home medical equipment or prefer to rent it, we can help. We offer competitive pricing on both sales and rentals. We’ll even help you make the right decision on whether to buy or rent your medical equipment, depending on your individual needs and situation.

We understand the need to identify which medical equipment is most likely to be covered by your insurance policy. We’ll always help you explore those options before recommending any equipment that would require private payment outside of your insurance coverage.

Home Medical Equipment Repairs

We can diagnose the problems with home medical equipment and provide full repair services for:

  • Stair Lifts
  • Motorized Scooters
  • Motorized Wheelchairs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Hospital Beds
  • Walker Brake Adjustments