Alternating Pressure Pads

ALTERnating pressure pads for bedsores Hartford CT

Alternating Pressure Pads

Reduces pressure sores/decubitus ulcers

Alternating Pressure Pads are designed to automatically change the pressure points beneath a patient every 2 1/2 to 4 minutes. This is accomplished by alternately filling and emptying adjacent cells in the pad. This constantly changing pressure greatly reduces the danger of decubitus ulcers or pressure sores. The caregiver should check this movement daily by placing his or her open hand on the pad for a period of time long enough to allow the system to cycle from full to empty.

The family or caregiver should also inspect the tubing from the pad to the pump daily. It should not be twisted, pinched or kinked. Particular attention should be given to the ends of the tubes where they attach to the pad. This area is usually hidden by the sheet and is the most likely location of restricted air flow.

An overall visual inspection of the pad should be made each time the bed linens are changed. If the pad is ever removed from the bed for any reason, care should be exercised to place it back on the bed with the proper side up. Pads with a “top” and “bottom” side will be marked “This Side Up.”


  • Do not use your pump while bathing or in any wet or damp location. The pump unit should not be exposed to liquids or moisture from open windows, aerosols or any other source.
  • No pins of any kind should be used in the bedding.
  • Hot objects such as heating pads should not be placed on the alternating pressure pad.
  • Heated under-blankets should not be used with the alternating pressure pad system.
  • Solvents such as alcohol should not come into contact with the surface of the pad. A mild detergent and water should be used for cleaning.
  • The power cord should not be allowed to come into contact with hot surfaces such as a heat register, and it should always be kept clear of the moving parts of the hospital bed.
  • Your pump should never be left unattended while plugged in.
  • Do not operate pump if any of the cord or plug is damaged.
  • Do not place the pump where it or the power cord or the air delivery tube will present a hazard for other persons to trip or fall over.
  • If you have any mechanical trouble or if unusual noises are heard coming from the pump unit, or if the pressure is not alternating properly, please discontinue use and call our office immediately.