Transfer Tub Benches

transfer tub bench CTTransfer Tub Benches: Patient Guidelines


The transfer bench permits a sliding transfer from a wheelchair into a tub. The bench can perform in this manner because it extends out beyond the edge of the tub. It is also useful for patients who have difficulty in stepping over the side of the tub. It is best to bath with the use of a hand held shower when using this bench.


Install the bench by placing the bench in the tub in the appropriate position, facing the faucet end with the 2 outer legs resting on the bathroom floor outside the tub. Adjust the outside legs so the seat tilts slightly toward the inside of the tub. This positioning will allow any water falling on the bench to drain into the tub rather than out on the floor.


The rubber or plastic footings on this bench are slip resistant, not slip proof. When sitting or raising yourself from the bench always be careful to only exert force straight down. A force in a horizontal direction may cause the bench to slip. Upon purchase always wash the footing with alcohol to remove any grease. Repeat this periodically. Make sure you keep the floor of the tub clean and free of soap film.


If you purchased the bench, the warranty is for 6 months.   Transfer tub benches are not usually rented.