Trapeze Bar

Trapeze Bar Patient Guidelines


The trapeze bar allows a patient more independence by providing the patient with a means of self help to change position in bed, move onto and off of a bedpan, or transfer into or out of a bed. A representative from our company will install the trapeze bar for you, insuring for tightness of clamps and stability.

Note: If any part of the trapeze bar becomes loose or unstable discontinue use and call our office. Continued use of the trapeze bar may result in serious injury.

Check all clamps daily to ensure that they are securely tight. Adjust the trapeze bar height by hooking the chain on the “S” hook at the correct height. To get the bar out of the way simply loop it over the horizontal bar of the trapeze frame.

Cleaning instructions:

Clean bar and stand with a damp cloth to keep flee from dust.

Warranty information:

If you purchased your trapeze bar the warranty is for 1 year from initial set up.

If you are renting your trapeze bar the warranty is for the length of the rental period.