Quad Canes

quad canes ConnecticutCanes & Quad Canes: Patient Guidelines


Quad canes and standard canes are fit in the same manner. Quad canes allow for more stability as there are 4 feet on the ground (tri-canes have 3 feet on the ground) instead of one tip. A quad or tri cane is also free standing. The drawback to the quad or tri cane is that they are heavier. Your doctor or therapist may order a specific cane for you. Quad canes come with either a narrow or wide base. The wide base provides for greater stability. Always turn any style quad cane to the side when negotiating stairs or steps. The correct height adjustment is one that provides a 20-30 degree bend in the elbow. Have the patient stand erect with his/her arms hanging loosely. Adjust the height of the cane so that the handgrip is just above the wrist. Make sure the pop-out button locking mechanism is locked securely. Make sure the locking collar, if present, is securely tightened. Always follow their directions if they differ from these written directions.

Instructions for use:

If your therapist or physician has given you instructions, follow them. All canes of any type should be used in the hand opposite from the affected or weaker leg, regardless of whether you are right or left handed. The cane and the affected leg should be moved forward simultaneously while bearing weight on the stronger leg. Then, leaning on the cane to reduce weight on the affected leg, the stronger leg should be brought forward. While this may seem awkward at first, it will provide much safer and more stable walking. Always take short steps. Long steps may cause a loss of balance. If using a quad cane always make sure the flat side of the base is toward the user. You may have to unlock the length adjustment and rotate the base 180 degrees to accomplish proper alignment.


Inspect the rubber tips of your can frequently for wear or damage. Insure the handgrip is tightly affixed to the handle of the cane. Failure to do this maintenance may result in a fall with consequent severe injury.


If you purchased the cane the warranty is for 6 months.   Canes are not usually rented.