Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet Safety Rails


Toilet Safety Rails provide safety and assistance to individuals who have difficult in standing up from a seated position or in lowering themselves to the toilet seat.  The two types of toilet safety rails are those that attach to the toilet and those that are free standing.  When using the toilet safety rails, we recommend the use of a raised toilet seat.  The products are complementary and use of the two together greatly enhance patient safety and independence.


Use the mounting bracket to attach toilet mounted rails to the toilet.  The mounting bracket is held in place by the toilet seat bolts.

  1. Remove the 2 large nuts from the toilet seat bolts and lift off the toilet seat.
  2. Align the holes in the mounting bracket with the holes in the toilet.
  3. Replace the seat and tighten the nuts securely onto the toilet seat bolts.
  4. The arms of the rails can now be inserted and locked into the bracket.
  5. Adjust leg height for most functional level.

Free standing toilet frames are completely self supporting and do not attach to the toilet.  Position the frame around the toilet and adjust the height of the arms to the most functional level of the user by the adjusting leg extensions on each leg.


Always exert force only straight down on the rails when raising up or sitting down on the toilet.  Any horizontal force may cause the rails to slide on the floor, or, in the case of free standing rails, to tip over.  It is also wise to keep the force on each arm reasonably well balanced.


Toilet safety rails are purchase-only items and the warranty is 6 months from the time of sale.